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Comforting. Pressure relieving. Advanced technology.

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UNO Vitality Mattress
Memory Foam

Memory foam

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology

No Turn No Rotate

No turn no rotate

10yr Core Mattress Guarantee

On mattress core

UNO Vitality Mattress
Cover Technology

Adaptive® is a dynamic treatment to keep you comfortably cool and dry, night after night, to improve the quality of your sleep. Adaptive® responds to temperature changes, wicks away moisture and increases evaporation, helping to create a cool and dry sleep environment.

Fresche® Bioscience fights bacteria, fungi and odour and also inhibits house dust mites. The anti microbial treatment provides long lasting protection for a clean and safe sleep environment.

Fresche Technology

The new UNO mattress collection, combining comfort with our advanced technology for better quality sleep.

  • 20cms deep no turn, no need to rotate mattress
  • Ergonomic profiling to comfort the shoulders and hips
  • Adaptive® technology keeps you cool and dry
  • Fresche® high performance anti microbial treatment
  • Inhibits house dust mites
  • Super soft cover for freshness and protection
Mattress Sizes Available

Single: 90cm x 190cm

Small double: 120cm x 190cm

Double: 135cm x 190cm

King: 150cm x 198cm

Super king: 180cm x 198cm

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